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How does a company stay relevant in an industry that has been massively disrupted by one of New Zealand’s biggest brands?

Cash Manager are a small-business accounting software firm who have been in the New Zealand market for over 20 years. With their industry becoming more crowded and more competitive, they needed to take action. Cash Manager needed to reinvent themselves in a way that would appeal to potential customers while making sure they were able to get the most out of the resources they had at their disposal.


Market research
Competitor analysis
Strategy workshops
Brand positioning
Brand strategy
Communications strategy



Logo design
Brand guidelines
Custom illustrations
Website design
Website development
Print collateral
Lead generation
Social media management



Having been in the industry for so long, CashManager had grown and developed through sound business values and providing excellent customer support. However, their outward-facing brand hadn’t kept up, becoming tired and stale. We aimed our strategy at brand development – we sat down with them and went through a number of workshops to tease out the values and priorities that underpin their brand. We then did research on their competitors to help create a brand that was unique and distinct in the marketplace.

The result was a new name for their business – CashManager.

From there, we developed their new visual identity and applied it across all brand touchpoints. This included their website, business cards and print collateral, email templates, and signage that made them stand out from the crowd.


We saw the CashManager website as an opportunity for the business to create a support hub for their existing users rather than simply using it as a lead generation tool. We replatformed and restructured the website to achieve this, using the new name and brand colours.

The website was built with an eye to the future – it can easily be scaled up with further scope for automation. This future-proofing was a key part of the strategy around the growth of the brand.

We also developed additional features for their existing CRM to enable better integration with the new site. This automated a number of previously manual processes, empowering CashManager staff to be more efficient in their work and more productive when serving their customers and targeting potential clients.


We refined CashManager’s customer communications by increasing the frequency of their client emails, along with conducting extensive A/B testing to discover what enticed recipients to open emails and act on them, improving conversion over time.

We provided regular content for the CashManager website blog, ensuring the site stayed fresh, remained relevant to its target audience, and was worth visiting more than once. Along with the blog we distributed that content over multiple social media channels to keep customers up-to-date and represent the brand to a wider audience.


We took over CashManager’s digital advertising – managing SEM and other social promotions, refining the targeted audience to maximise results. We optimised the website to get the best SEO outcomes possible, and automated much of the marketing they were previously doing.



CashManager now have a brand the company can build from for years to come – one which is distinctly different to their competitors and attractive to their customers. We have contributed to a top line sales increase of 11% and the company has been able improve profitability by focusing investment on areas of greatest gain. Saving time and resources through automation of their processes.

They are now effectively communicating with their current customers and reaching more potential ones. In a very competitive industry CashManager is making strong gains as a small player, and has room and capability for growth.





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