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Helping an iconic New Zealand brand transition into the digital age


In the digital age, how does one of New Zealand’s most iconic brands, one who generations of Kiwis have grown up with remain relevant in a rapidly changing digital landscape?

Business can no longer simply rely on traditional advertising channels. In order to stay competitive they need to adapt with the times and constantly be looking for new platforms and systems to get more eyeballs on their brand.

Yellow knew they needed to move with the times. But how do they do that when they have a long standing brand and image?


Yellow Business


Trade Directory


Web Design, Development, Interface/User Experience Design


Yellow’s goal was to become the largest digital agency for New Zealand SMEs, one which could drive real business growth for their customers. Their new website was to be much more than a digital billboard, it was to be a complete digital solutions provider.

We designed and built a website with Yellow’s new direction and focus front and centre. The website was integrated with a number of third-party platforms which allowed business to increase their advertising reach. Yellow now had a full scale digital platform that allowed businesses to promote themselves across different channels, communicate with their customers and ultimately grow their business.


Once Yellow’s new website was brought to market, the brand had successfully completed its transition into the digital age. Since its launch in 2017, Yellow has continued to redesign their image and bring its brand and value proposition in line with the current marketplace.

The launch of their new website signaled the beginning of Yellow’s digital transformation and we are proud to be apart of ensuring this Kiwi icon stays relevant long into the future.

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